Tradition is deep-rooted in the game of baseball. Singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” is just one example. Many baseball teams have their own traditions. We do too. Here are our favorite traditions, made possible by Dans Fans.

Respecting the National Anthem
Danville’s patriotism has received national recognition time and time again. (Check out all our military memorials.) The Dans are proud to be part of that patriotism. That is why during the National Anthem, everything stops. Ticket takers, servers and staff will stop what they are doing and face the flag in center field. Sure, sometimes it gets loud in parts of the stadium and we can’t hear the Anthem being sung. But if we do, be sure, we will show the respect due to our flag and the patriotic men and women of our nation.

Insider tip: Join us. Whether you’re at the ticket gate, in the beer line or just walking through the halls, please stop and listen to the National Anthem. Thank you ‘Merica.

Getting Autographs After the Game
For most teams, there’s one, maybe two, nights dedicated to getting player autographs. Not with the Dans. After every home game, Dans can be found on the field, signing autographs and taking selfies with fans of all ages.

Insider Tip: Start with an item that is going to last, like a baseball or mini-bat from the souvenir stand. (It may be a couple years between you getting an autograph and that Dan getting drafted.) Try to get every player’s signature. You never know who will be the next big thing.

Running the Bases
Just like the autographs, most teams invite fans to run the bases only once or twice a season. Not the Dans! Fans can run bases after EVERY game (unless it is too muddy.) It is a great way for little ones to burn off energy before bed and for parents to take photos or live video.

Insider tip: Grownups, join the fun. How often do you get to run the bases in an 80-year old stadium? Psst, its ok if you run your mouth as you run the bases.

Embracing Fun Superstitions 
Baseball is a sport with a long history of superstition. The Danville Stadium has sit-where-you-want seating. This flexibility in seating has developed into a special superstition for many Dans fans. If the Dans are doing well, stay put! But if the Dans need help, move to another seat. The more fans you can convince to move with you, the better.

In recent years, a new superstition has evolved at the stadium, the rally keg. This one is a little trickier. It’s a matter of timing. If the beer stand taps a new keg while the Dans are in a slump, fans try to turn the game around by getting a new beer from the rally keg.

Insider tip: Be sure to watch this one unfold, especially on Two Buck Tuesdays.