Baseball players are sent to Danville to improve their game. Occasionally, those improvements help take them all the way to the major leagues - 33 former Dans have played in the Majors. Don't miss this season because you don't know which player will be the next to play in the Big Show!

(and are still in the minors) 

Tanner Roark (2006 Dan  - MLB debut 8/7/13) selected free agency at the end of the 2021 season

Mikie Mahtook (2009 Dan  - MLB debut 4/10/15) selected free agency at the end of the 2021 season

Ben Braymer (2014 Dan - MLB debut 8/24/20) was recently released by Triple-A Rochester Red Wings (WAS)


Kevin Sefcik (1990 Dan - MLB debut 9/8/95) played for the Phillies and Rockies  

Shane Bowers (1992 Dan - MLB debut 7/26/97) played for the Twins

Chris Michalak (1992 Dan - MLB debut 8/22/98) played for the Diamondbacks, Rangers, Blue Jays and Reds

Warren Morris (1994 Dan - MLB debut 4/5/99) played for the Pirates and Tigers

Kurt Ainsworth (1997 Dan - MLB debut 9/5/01) played for the Giants and Orioles

Jason Anderson (1998-99 Dan - MLB debut 3/31/03) played for the Yankees and Mets (A Danville Native!)

Travis Chapman (1997 Dan - MLB debut 9/9/03) played for the Phillies

Jon Knott (1999 Dan - MLB debut 5/30/04) played for the Padres

Matt Erickson (1995 Dan - MLB debut 7/9/04) played for the Brewers

Jonathan Papelbon (2001 Dan - MLB debut 7/31/05) played for the Red Sox, Phillies and Nationals

Eric Stults (2001 Dan - MLB debut 9/5/06) played with the Dodgers, Rockies, White Sox, Padres & Braves

Shane Youman 2001 Dan - MLB debut 9/10/06) played for the Pirates

Matt Tolbert (2001 Dan - MLB debut 4/1/08) played for the Twins

Randy Ruiz (1999 Dan - MLB debut 8/1/08) played for the Blue Jays

Matt Daley (2001 Dan - MLB debut 4/25/09) played for the Rockies and Yankees

Chris Coghlan (2004 Dan - MLB debut 5/8/09) played for the Marlins, Cubs, A's and Blue Jays

Danny Worth (2005 Dan - MLB debut 5/16/10) played for the Tigers and Astros, and in Korea

Louis Coleman (2006 Dan - MLB debut 4/21/11) played for the Royals, Dodgers and Tigers

AJ Griffin (2007 Dan - MLB debut 6/24/12) played for the A's and Rangers

Chris McGuiness (2007 Dan - MLB debut 6/7/13) played with the Rangers

Tanner Roark (2006 Dan  - MLB debut 8/7/13) played for the Nationals and Blue Jays

Zach Walters (2008 Dan - MLB debut 9/6/13) played with the Nationals, Indians and Dodgers

Mikie Mahtook (2009 Dan  - MLB debut 4/10/15) played for the Rays and Tigers

Nick Rumbelow (2011 Dan - MLB debut 6/23/15) played with the Yankees and Mariners

Chad Girodo (2010 Dan - MLB debut 4/22/16) played with the Blue Jays

Ryan Schimpf (2007 Dan - MLB debut 6/14/16) played with the Padres and Angels